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Shurbz , a K brand. Known for their collection of fruit and candy flavours featuring a fizzy kick. Available as 50ml of eliquid in a 60ml shortfill bottle, with space for a 10ml nicotine shot of your choice. These eliquids feature a 70% VG ratio. Perfect for Sub Ohm Vaping.

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Description Price Quantity
blackcurrant zest Shurbz - Blackcurrant Zest 50ml 0mg SHLE0BLAZES50 Please Login
shurbz pineapple perfection Shurbz - Pineapple Perfection 50ml 0mg SHLE0PINPEF50 Please Login
shurbz pink fizz Shurbz - Pink Fizz 50ml 0mg SHLE0PINFIZ50 Please Login
ruthless raspberry Shurbz - Ruthless Raspberry 50ml 0mg SHLE0RUTPAS50 Please Login
shurbz strawberry sour Shurbz - Strawberry Sour 50ml 0mg SHLE0STRSOU50 Please Login

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